About TLC

The Language Club is a free initiative aiming to help language learners to practice their language skills in a friendly and fun environment through dynamic activities and workshops. Visit our group often to find out about our meetings dates and activities.

Marisol Vasquez


What We Do


We meet at various locations, mostly cafes, restaurants or hotels, according to a monthly schedule. Each location is managed by a team leader who decides which language combinations will be offered by his/her group according to the participants.



 TLC has adopted a face-to-face language exchange format. Ideally, participants will meet to exchange their native language and help each other practice through conversations and other dynamic activities.


Meeting people from other countries and different environments, with different customs and beliefs, makes one more understanding of other people’s cultures. Language is a tool that allows us to share our culture and connect with fantastic people.  

How It Works


Get in touch

Click the session page and find the session you are interested in. Open it and click the link to fill the form to enroll. Once we receive your info, we will e-mail you back with further instructions (whatsapp, zoom links).

Join the meetings

On the settled date, join the online session by clicking the received link (TLC will provide that once you enroll). Make sure to join our Facebook group as well, as we post regular updates there.

Start learning

eet our wonderful members and socialize, learn, have fun! Follow us on Instagram too, a lot of fun happening there as well!  


What our members think about The Language Club


The Language Club is a great opportunity to discover, learn and enjoy others languages. As well as sharing fun moments with new people. I am new at the club. I enjoyed all the lessons I attended. And I can’t wait for the next one!



Learning another language is always something that I wanted to do. The Language Club has given me the opportunity to do so. I’m learning quickly because it is taught in a way that is relevant to our everyday lives. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is fun and I always look forward to going to the next class.



You should be very proud of the Language Club, Marisol, and how much it has grown in 4 short years! I have met so many different people from so many different countries all with the same objective – to improve their languages. It’s a bonus that so many have become friends too! Here’s to the next 4 years!



The Language Club allows us to meet wonderful people who despite being different countries, feel the need to communicate, feel accompanied and welcome to this beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. Marisol Marisol, thank you for your guidance and support!



Congratulations Marisol you deserve all appreciation. Atmosphere of language club is so positive. Everybody is Keen to learn something new. Three cheers for all the people who are working selflessly for nourishing language club.

Nidhi Sharma


Thank you so much Marisol for establishing the language club 4 years ago. A great place to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world. I really like to learn different languages and I am very grateful to be one of the members. A big thank you for your time, dedication and love for the club!

Marie Louise