Hello and welcome to The Language Club!

Meet The TLC Team: a bunch of passionate, dedicated and determined ladies who will go the extra mile to make a difference in other people’s life.

Marisol Vasquez – Founder

My name is Marisol Vasquez, and I am a translator, linguist, entrepreneur, mother of three active teens, not to mention a pilot’s wife! I am passionate about everything related to languages and communication.
My belief is that languages are our gateway to the world. Communication is the ultimate way to connect with others and access their hearts and minds.
I am very privileged to be able to understand six languages. This allowed me to evolve around many cultures and understand how people think and communicate. I was born in Colombia, hence Spanish is my first language.
I was introduced to French, my second language, at the age of 7 when my family emigrated to Montreal, Canada. On top of that, I married a Greek guy so I thought it was useful to learn his language as well! Because I grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal some Italian, Portuguese, and even German rubbed off on me.  I also had the opportunity to learn Arabic in beautiful Abu Dhabi.
The Language Club began as a small idea. I knew I wanted to share my love of languages with others, giving YOU the opportunity to efficiently improve your language skill while having fun!

Carol Pinheiro – TLC Admin

My name is Carol Pinheiro. I was born and raised in the south of Brazil and my mother tongue is Brazilian Portuguese. I have a son who is going into his teens soon and a husband who accompanies me in all of my crazy adventures and ideas!
I have quite a varied background. I started my professional life as a flight attendant at a Brazilian airline. After that went to live in the UK for 7 years, where my son was born.
I am absolutely passionate about languages and people. I think that the beauty in life is the different cultures, habits, and costumes around the world and language is the way to connect everything and everyone. I am a very chatty person myself, and I cannot imagine life without this form of communication. Luckily, or not lol, my son shares my passion and follow my steps.
I believe that everyone can learn a new skill no matter how old or young they are. I speak four languages, and I am going to the fifth one soon. Wish me luck!
I now am back to university to study Translation and Interpreting. I am a conference interpreter, translator and ESL teacher in Abu Dhabi, where I have been living since 2018.
I came across The Language Club by chance and I immediately fell in love with it. My husband always says: “Carol, the day I see you the happiest is when you come back from The Language Club”.

Diana Salguero de la Cruz – TLC Admin

Hi! I’m a psychologist and a private language tutor from Ecuador 🇪🇨. I’ve always been passionate about music, languages & cultures. As a result, I started travelling from a young age when I already spoke English, French and German, besides my native Spanish and was able to communicate with locals.

Three years ago life brought me to the UAE where I married my wonderful husband and a year after my arrival I found TLC, thank God! I started off as a regular member in one of the amazing branches and later on, Marisol supported me in starting the branch in Khalidyah which rapidly turned into an activity I would wholeheartedly look forward to.

I believe in Marisol’s vision and in what we do. The people we meet are amazing and are the ones that keep us all motivated to continue helping.

Maria Cristea – TLC IT Admin

Maria Cristea

“My name is Maria Cristea and I come from Romania. My mother tongue is Romanian. I speak fluently English and I speak a bit of Spanish, a bit of French and a bit of German.

My background is in finance but my career in oil and gas has come to a halt when my son was born and we moved to Dubai. Being a stay home mom and raising my son was a privilege that I had and I enjoyed for the time being, but my son was growing (soon he will be a teenager) so it was time for some action in my life. That is how I got into web design. My IT background from high school came in really handy and with a lot of learning and practice I really enjoy creating websites now.

When Marisol approached me to create the website for TLC both of my passions met: languages and web design. This is how I got to know this wonderful project called “The Language Club” and realized how much more than just learning a language this means. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to be able to bring together a large group of people with a common passion and make everyone feel involved and growing.

Happy to help out any way I can!”